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Project Description
A .NET class library (API) for use with the database format of Football Manager (Sega, Sports Interactive). First focus is the pre-game format; later save game format and other formats will be added.

First idea is to have a .NET library for accessing the pre-game database (teams, players).
With this library, some client applications can be added to:
  • create euro/world super leagues
  • extract/inject transfers
  • other things

Anyone who whish to join and work together with me on this library, please let me know
Do not just download the code, but work with us!
Pls notify if you want to join

Because of SI is not so keen to give details about the database format, a lot of hex-editing is involved! In order to do this in a good way, you need a tool such as Hex Workshop ( Furthermore you can use the standard pre-game editor. You can change a value, start up Hex Workshop and start comparing. That way you can find out what has changed. The database are compressed; you first have to decompress them in order to compare the data.

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